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Comprehensive Guide: Ensuring Your LED Strip Lights Stay Securely Fastened

LED strip lights, a popular choice in home décor for their ease of installation and versatility, sometimes have the unfortunate tendency to fall off, particularly if not properly installed. This issue not only causes frustration but can also lead to potential hazards such as broken lights or electrical complications. However, you can take measures to prevent your strip lights from detaching.

Mounting LED Flex Strips 3

Guidelines: Preventing LED Strip Lights from Falling Off

A. Prepare the Surface

The first step involves preparing your surface. Dust or grime on the surface can greatly diminish the stickiness of the 3M double-sided tape. Begin by moistening a cloth with rubbing alcohol and swiping it over the surface until it is thoroughly clean. Once done, dry the area using a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

B. Apply the Adhesive

Moving onto the next step, employ a reliable double-sided tape brand like 3M and adhere to the correct installation instructions. By doing so, you can significantly minimize the chances of your LED strips detaching.

C. Position Correctly

Before pressing, ensure the LED strip is correctly placed. Avoid repositioning the LED light strip multiple times as the stickiness of the 3M double-sided tape will rapidly decline, thereby increasing the risk of the LED strip falling off.

D. Apply Pressure

Once you’ve got the right placement, it’s time to exert pressure on the LED strip. This action helps the 3M double-sided tape adhere properly to the mounting surface, subsequently reducing the risk of the LED strip falling off.

E. Allow to Dry

Abide by the guidelines and let the 3M double-sided tape dry for a while to achieve maximum stickiness.

F. Perform a Final Check

As a best practice, perform a final test to confirm that your LED strip is securely fastened and appropriately placed.

Here are five common reasons why LED strip lights may not adhere well:

1. Surface contamination or irregularities

One of the main culprits behind falling LED strip lights is a dusty or uneven installation surface. When the surface is either littered with dust or bumpy, the efficacy of the 3M double-sided adhesive on the LED strip is significantly reduced or even rendered ineffective.

2. Exposure to water

If the LED strip is installed in a location where it is liable to come into contact with water, the water may weaken the adhesive strength of the 3M double-sided tape, leading to the strip light’s detachment. Certain humid locations may also cause the LED strip to fall.

3. Chemical interference

All LED strips come equipped with 3M double-sided tape at the back, ensuring a strong bond to the installation surface. However, some chemicals can deteriorate the adhesive power of this tape, causing the LED strip to loosen over time.

4. Heat build-up

LED strip lights generate heat while operating. If placed in a confined or poorly ventilated space, the resultant heat is not efficiently dissipated, leading to a rise in temperature. This excessive heat can compromise the adhesive strength of the 3M double-sided tape, causing the LED strip to dislodge.

5. Inappropriate wiring

Wires are present at the ends of the LED strips. If these wires are too long, their weight increases. Improper installation of these wires may cause them to fall, pulling the LED strip down with them.

Extra Measures To Avoid LED Strip Detachment

3M Adhesive Tape

Our LED strips from MyLikeLed come furnished with the highly durable 3M double-sided adhesive, known as 300LSE. Beware of counterfeit 3M tapes that some manufacturers use, leading to LED strips falling off after some time.

Securing Clips

Securing clips makes another reliable method. These clips, accompanied by screws, fasten the LED strip onto a mountable surface. But bear in mind, the surface needs to be screw-friendly.

Mounting LED Flex Strips 1

Foam Adhesive Tape

For waterproof LED strips, like IP65 and IP67, which weigh more than their non-waterproof counterparts, we recommend foam tape. Our foam tape boasts superior stickiness. These waterproof LED tapes, due to their splash-resistant feature, weigh slightly more than the regular ones. A word of caution, though – installation requires meticulous care, as removing incorrectly placed foam tape can be quite a challenge.

Foam Adhesive Tape 3M

Hot Glue Application

Hot glue is devoid of strong chemicals found in many powerful types of glue, making it safer and harmless to your LED strips. The key precaution here is about the temperature – if excessively hot, it can melt your LED strip, although this situation is quite unlikely.

Aluminium Extrusion

LED aluminium profiles provide an ideal solution for installing LED strips. With their smooth surface, these profiles enable excellent adhesion for the 3M double-sided tape. They come with a cover to house the LED strip, helping it to dissipate heat effectively and maintain a normal temperature, thus prolonging the lifespan of the LED strip.

Mounting LED Flex Strips 22

Corner Connectors

The corners and edges are often the first places where the LED strip tends to detach. If the strip is bent at a 90-degree angle, it increases the risk of detachment due to exposure to more air and the tension from the strip trying to unbend.

To overcome this, you can cut the strip and use corner LED strip connectors. While effective, this solution may be inconvenient because it requires figuring out the right connector.

An alternate strategy involves looping the strip in the opposite direction instead of bending it, to ensure it stays flush with the surface and free from tension. This method helps to keep the strip intact for longer without needing to cut or buy additional connectors.

To Wrap Up:

To keep your LED strip lights from detaching, adhere to the tips above. Ensure the adhesive is properly affixed to the surface and secure it further with clips. Clean the surface before applying the adhesive and press down hard to eliminate air pockets. If your LED strip lights continue to fall, consider using foam backing tape or a specialized glue for LED strips.

At MyLikeLed, we manufacture superior LED strips and LED neon flex, with each product undergoing rigorous quality checks in high-tech labs. We also provide customization options for our LED strips and neon flex. Reach out to MyLikeLed for your premium LED strip and LED neon flex needs!


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