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Classic Single-Color-led-strip

Classic White Single Color LED Strip

Classic Single Color LED Strip Supplier & Manufacturer

  • MyLiKeLed stands as a prominent manufacturer of monochromatic LED strips in China. Our product range encompasses COB, SMD2835, 5050, 3014, 2216, 2110, 5630 LED strips.
  • Rest assured of our commitment to excellence, as our products boast quality certifications, including UL, CE-LVD/EMC, RoHS, EN62471, Reach, etc., to ensure high performance and extended lifespan. 
  • Immerse yourself in a personalized lighting experience with options for custom colors, sizes, lengths, CRI, and a variety of accessories.  
  • Elevate your lighting to new heights with My Like Led Lighting, the industry expert in crafting compact LED strips that deliver unmatched quality and performance.

What Are Single Color LED Strip Lights?

Single color LED strip lights are a remarkable and versatile lighting solution that offers a uniform and consistent illumination in a single hue. These strips are designed with a series of closely spaced LED diodes that emit light in the chosen color, resulting in a cohesive and visually pleasing lighting effect. Whether you’re seeking to create a soothing ambient atmosphere or highlight specific areas with a particular color, single color LED strip lights are the perfect choice.

These LED strips come in an array of vibrant colors, ranging from warm to cool tones, allowing you to select the exact shade that suits your desired lighting ambiance. They are commonly used for both decorative and practical purposes in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Their flexibility, ease of installation, and energy efficiency make them a preferred lighting solution for accentuating architectural features, creating captivating displays, and enhancing various indoor and outdoor spaces.

In summary, single color LED strip lights are a sophisticated lighting option that provides a singular, consistent color illumination, offering endless creative possibilities for lighting design and ambiance creation.

Why Choose Single Color LED Strip?

Single color LED strips are often more cost-effective compared to RGB (multi-color) strips due to their simpler design and functionality. They are a budget-friendly option for achieving your desired lighting effect.

Single color LED strips provide a uniform and consistent illumination in a single hue. This simplicity is ideal for creating a specific mood or ambiance without the complexity of multi-color options.

These LED strips are known for their energy efficiency. By emitting light in a single color, they require fewer components to produce the desired effect, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Due to their simpler design and fewer color-changing components, single color LED strips can offer enhanced durability in some cases.

Single color LED strips generally have a longer lifespan compared to RGB strips because they involve fewer components and are subject to fewer color-changing processes.

Single color LED strips often require less wiring and control mechanisms, simplifying the installation process.

Single Color LED Strip Application

White color LED strip lights have a wide range of practical and aesthetic applications due to their versatility and ability to provide clean and functional lighting. Here are some common applications where white color LED strips are frequently used:

White LED strips are often employed for task lighting in kitchens, offices, workshops, and other workspaces. Their bright and focused illumination enhances visibility, making tasks such as cooking, reading, crafting, and working on projects more efficient.

Placing white LED strips under cabinets or shelves provides focused and shadow-free lighting on countertops, making food preparation and other activities easier.

White LED strips are used to illuminate retail displays, showcasing products with accurate color representation and attracting customers’ attention.

In museums, galleries, and exhibitions, white LED strips help showcase artwork, artifacts, and exhibits with uniform and crisp lighting, enhancing visibility and aesthetics.

White LED strips can be integrated into automotive interiors for accent lighting and enhanced visibility.

White LED strips offer ideal lighting for office environments, ensuring comfortable and productive work conditions by reducing glare and providing even illumination.

White LED strips are suitable for medical settings, as they offer bright and clear lighting for examination rooms, surgical suites, and patient areas.

With more than 800 single-color for you to choose from. With UL, CE-LVD/EMC, RoHS, EN62471, Reach certification.

  • White Color Temperature Option: 2100K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 6500K, 7500K, 12,000K. 
  • Color Option: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Pink, Purple, UV, Ultra-Red. CRI Option: RA>80, RA>90, RA>95, RA>98.
  • Led Option: COB, 2835SMD, 5050SMD, 3014SMD, 2216SMD, 2110SMD, 5630SMD.
  • Color Rendering Index Option: RA>80, RA>90, RA>95, RA>98 and full spectrum.
  • LED Quantity/m Option: 24LEDs,30LEDs, 48LEDs, 60LEDs, 64LEDs, 70LEDs, 72LEDs, 84LEDs, 96LEDs, 120LEDs, 128LEDs, 140LEDs, 180LEDs, 144LEDs, 240LEDs, 280LEDs, 360LEDs, 420LEDs, 432LEDs, 480LEDs, 560LEDs, 600LEDs, 700LEDs per meter optional.
  • PCB Width: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm PCB width optional.
  • PCB Color: White, Black, Green, Grey and more.
  • IP Rate Option: IP20, IP44, IP44, IP65, IP67, IP68.
  • 3M tape Option: 200MP, 300LSE, VHB-3M, 9080, 9448A, 9731 and more.
  • Beam Angle: 30°, 45°, 60°, 120°, 140°, 180°.
  • Voltage Option: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 120V, 220V. 
  • Length: 5meters, 10meters, 20meters, 30meters, 50meters.

Backed by our own factory and accomplished engineering team, we are adept at meeting diverse demands. If the above does not meet your needs, please advise us. We excel in crafting custom solutions when specific colors and PCB densities are required.


COB LED strips, short for “Chip-on-Board LED strips,” are a specialized type of LED lighting technology that offers distinct advantages in terms of illumination and design. Unlike traditional Surface-Mount Device (SMD) LEDs, which consist of individual diodes placed on a circuit board, COB technology involves mounting multiple LED chips directly onto a substrate to form a single, compact unit.

COB LED strips offer a powerful and efficient lighting solution characterized by their compact design, uniform illumination, and versatility. Their ability to provide high-intensity and focused lighting makes them a preferred choice for various lighting applications.

Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
COB-384chips-LED-Strip-8mm PRO version specification 
COB-480chips-LED-Strip-8mm PRO version specification 
COB-504chips-LED-Strip-8mm PRO version specification 
COB-528chips-LED-Strip-8mm PRO version specification 

SMD2835 LED Strip

2835 LED strips refer to a specific type of LED lighting product that utilizes LEDs with the 2835 SMD (Surface-Mount Device) package. The term “2835” corresponds to the dimensions of the LED chip in metric units, specifically 2.8mm by 3.5mm. These LED chips are commonly used in creating LED strips due to their compact size, energy efficiency, and versatility.

Specification NameDownload
2835smd-60leds-8mm specification 
2835smd-120leds-8mm specification 
2835smd-140leds-10mm specification 
2835smd-180leds-10mm specification 
2835smd-240leds-10mm specification 
2835smd-480leds-48mm specification 

SMD5050 LED Strip

5050 LED strips are a type of LED lighting product that features LED chips with the 5050 SMD (Surface-Mount Device) package. The term “5050” corresponds to the dimensions of the LED chip in metric units, specifically 5.0mm by 5.0mm.These LED chips are known for their larger size compared to some other SMD LEDs, resulting in higher brightness and enhanced light output. They are widely used for both decorative and functional lighting purposes, offering versatility and flexibility in various applications.


Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
5050smd-30leds-10mm specification 
5050smd-60leds-10mm specification 
5050smd-96leds-12mm specification 
5050smd-120leds-15mm specification 

SMD3014 Front Emitting LED Strip

3014 LED strips feature LED chips with the 3014 SMD (Surface-Mount Device) package. The term “3014” corresponds to the dimensions of the LED chip in metric units, specifically 3.0mm by 1.4mm. This compact size distinguishes them from larger LEDs while still offering unique advantages for specific lighting needs.

Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
3014smd-60leds-8mm specification 
3014smd-70leds-8mm specification 
3014smd-120leds-8mm specification 
3014smd-140leds-10mm specification 
3014smd-204leds-10mm specification 
3014smd-240leds-10mm specification 

SMD3014 Side Emitting LED Strip

The SMD3014 Side Emitting LED Strip is a specialized type of LED lighting product that utilizes 3014 SMD (Surface-Mount Device) LED chips arranged along the side of the strip to emit light horizontally. This unique design offers distinct advantages for specific lighting applications where a lateral light output is required. SMD3014 Side Emitting LED Strips are particularly well-suited for applications where horizontal or lateral illumination is advantageous.


Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
3014smd-60leds-8mm-side-emitting specification 
3014smd-84leds-10mm-side-emitting specification 
3014smd-120leds-8mm-side-emitting specification 
3014smd-156leds-10mm-side-emitting specification 

SMD2216 LED Strip

The name “2216” corresponds to the dimensions of the LED chip in metric units, specifically 2.2mm by 1.6mm. Despite their small size, 2216 LED chips are often closely packed along the strip, resulting in a high LED chip density per meter.Many 2216 LED strips are available in dimmable versions, allowing users to adjust the brightness levels according to their preferences and needs.

Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
2216smd-180leds-10mm specification 
2216smd-240leds-10mm specification 
2216smd-300leds-10mm specification 
2216smd-420leds-10mm specification 

SMD2010 LED Strip

The name “2010” refers to the dimensions of the LED chip in metric units, specifically 2.0mm by 1.0mm. Despite their small size, 2010 LED chips are commonly arranged closely along the strip, offering a high LED chip density per meter.2010 LED strips are available in various color options, including different shades of white (warm white, cool white, neutral white) as well as colored options like red, green, blue, and RGB (multi-color).They are ideal for applications where efficient use of space, versatility in lighting, and enhanced brightness are essential. 

Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
2010smd-108leds-2mm specification 
2010smd-240leds-3mm specification 
2010smd-240leds-4mm specification 
2010smd-140leds-10mm specification 
2010smd-280leds-10mm specification 
2010smd-420leds-10mm specification 
2010smd-560leds-10mm specification 
2010smd-700leds-10mm specification 
2010smd-720leds-10mm specification 

SMD2110 LED Strip

The name “2110” corresponds to the dimensions of the LED chip in metric units, specifically 2.1mm by 1.0mm. 2110 LED strips are a specialized type of LED lighting product that employs LED chips with the 2110 SMD (Surface-Mount Device) package. These LED chips are known for their compact size, high efficiency, and versatile lighting capabilities.Whether used for architectural accents, retail displays, task lighting, or cove illumination, 2110 LED strips provide a reliable and adaptable lighting solution.

Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
2110smd-140leds-10mm specification 
2110smd-280leds-10mm specification 
2110smd-420leds-12mm specification 
2110smd-700leds-12mm specification 

SMD5630 LED Strip

The designation “5630” refers to the dimensions of the LED chip in metric units, specifically 5.6mm by 3.0mm. These larger-sized LED chips contribute to their remarkable brightness and light output. These LED chips are known for their larger size, high brightness, and efficient lighting performance.

Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
5630smd-60leds-10mm specification 
5630smd-120leds-10mm specification 
5630smd-120leds-15mm specification 

Product Testing

Controlling the quality of LED strips is crucial to ensure their performance, longevity, and safety. Proper quality control measures help to maintain consistent standards and deliver reliable products to customers.


Our utmost priority is consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience to all who collaborate with us. Alongside our outstanding customer service, we take great pride in guaranteeing the overseas market certification: UL, TUV-CE, RoHs, LVD/EMC, Reach, EN62471 and more.

Why Should You Choose Us?为什么批发单色LED灯条散装从我们

When you choose to wholesale single color LED strips in bulk from us, you’re not just getting a product; you’re gaining a reliable partner dedicated to providing you with top-notch quality, competitive pricing, and unparalleled support.

My Like Led的产品经过各种质量测试,为用户提供高端产品。这里有几个原因,为什么你应该从我们这里得到单色led灯带。


Premium Quality Guaranteed

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Every single color LED strip that leaves our production line undergoes stringent quality control measures.

Extensive Range of Options

We offer a comprehensive range of single color LED strips with various lengths, brightness levels, and color temperatures. You'll have the flexibility to select the perfect fit for each application.

Competitive Bulk Pricing

By partnering with us for wholesale purchases, you gain access to competitive bulk pricing. Our streamlined manufacturing processes and efficient supply chain management enable us to offer you cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Expertise and Technical Support

Whether you need assistance in selecting the right product or guidance on installation, our technical support team is always ready to help.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of timely deliveries in your business operations. With our efficient logistics network, we ensure that your bulk orders are delivered promptly and reliably, keeping your projects on track.

Global Market

Products are exported to over 60 countries and regions worldwide. Dominates the European market and cooperates with many major well-known brands.

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