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Reduced Operating Costs

Are you aware that your margin is eroded by the invisible margin-killers? 
Heavy labor costs, long change-over time and high raw material wastage rate.

My LiKe Led’s Newest automated production line enables the led strip overall unit cost reducing hence to better compete on a global scale.

In addition to saving labor costs, power consumption, material waste and reject ratio can be minimized under streamlined operations.

Remember: Every cent you save, is another cent you can use to defeat your competition.

Improved Product Quality

Quality is an arms race between you and your competitors.

Each time your competitor improves their products, they change the basis of competition.

My LiKe Led Technology upgrades however can be a game-changing shortcut.

My LiKe Led are highly automated production  so they can perform with less variability than manpower. This makes for greater control and consistency of product quality.

Be More Competitive

Are you frustrated every time a deal is broken due to a lack of competence in the flexibility and versatility of your Led Strip project?

My LiKe Led are designed to produce a broader types of led strips according to versatile market demands.

In addition, all components  are made in compliance with CE/UL norm.

Owning My LiKe Led Strip enables you to become globally competitive, set the industrial benchmark, have a good portfolio and a good shot at landing at an order your competition is incapable to win.

Meet Eco Claim

Environmentally friendly materials are widely demanded by more and more global consumers.

We use lead-free tin cream which is in compliance with RoHS norm, All the SMD with LM-80 & ERP standard to guarantee a long life span. By improving the performance of the product also is our duty to protect the environment.

Our led strips aim to give you a competitive advantage in meeting critical consumer demands for Eco-friendly products and ultimately leaving your competition in the dust.

Improved Worker Safety

Safety operation is a matter of primary importance in every industrial manufacture.


All My LiKe Led’s assembly line are in accordance with safety standardization processes to ensure each critical component removes workers from potential operational hassles throughout the complete manufacturing process.

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