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Narrow LED Strip

Narrow LED Strip Supplier & Manufacturer

  • Discover the innovation of ultra-narrow LED strip lights, designed to transcend limitations and bring illumination to spaces where conventional lighting couldn’t venture. These remarkable lights redefine the possibilities of lighting, offering a seamless blend of functionality and adaptability.
  • As a leading supplier of LED strip lights, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of styles to cater to every taste and preference. From cool to warm tones, varying levels of brightness, and even customizable color-changing options, our range of styles ensures that you can curate the perfect lighting ambiance for any setting.

With more than 60 types of Narrow Led Strip for you to choose from. With UL, CE-LVD/EMC, RoHS, EN62471, Reach certification.

  • White Color Temperature Option: 2100K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 6500K. 
  • Color Option: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Pink, Purple, Tunable-White, RGB.
  • CRI Option: RA>90, RA>95.
  • LED Quantity/m Option: 108LEDs,120LEDs, 240LEDs.
  • PCB Width: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mmPCB width optional.
  • PCB Color: White/Black
  • IP Rate Option: IP20.
  • 3M tape Option: 200MP, 300LSE.
  • Beam Angle: 120°, 180°.
  • Voltage Option: 5V, 12V, 24V. 
  • Length: 5meters, 10meters.

Unveiling the Advantages of Narrow LED Strip Lights:

1. Precise Illumination: The slender profile of narrow LED strip lights allows for precise and focused illumination. Whether you’re highlighting specific areas, architectural details, or artworks, these lights offer a level of accuracy that traditional lighting solutions can’t match.

2. Versatile Placement: The compact size of narrow LED strip lights opens up a world of possibilities for placement. They seamlessly fit into tight spaces, corners, and niches, making them ideal for under-cabinet lighting, alcoves, and other challenging areas where conventional lights might struggle.

3. Subtle Aesthetics: These lights offer a subtle yet impactful aesthetic appeal. Their slender form creates a minimalistic look that complements various design styles. They can be discreetly integrated into your space, enhancing its visual appeal without overpowering the décor.

4. Design Flexibility: With their flexibility, narrow LED strip lights allow you to experiment with creative lighting designs. They can be bent, curved, or shaped to conform to different surfaces, enabling you to achieve unique and captivating lighting effects.

Application of Ultra Narrow LED Strips

Enhance the architectural features of your space by using ultra-narrow LED strip lights to emphasize columns, arches, and intricate detailing. Their precision illumination creates a dynamic play of light and shadow, adding depth and visual interest to your environment.

Illuminate your kitchen or workspace with subtle yet effective lighting. Ultra-narrow LED strip lights fit seamlessly beneath cabinets, providing task lighting that enhances functionality while adding a touch of ambiance.

Turn your prized possessions into focal points by installing ultra-narrow LED strip lights in display cases or shelves. The focused illumination draws attention to your items, transforming them into captivating exhibits.

Create a soft and inviting atmosphere with cove lighting using ultra-narrow LED strip lights. Install them along the edges of ceilings or architectural elements to achieve a gentle, diffused glow that adds warmth and depth to your space.

Transform artworks, sculptures, and decorative pieces into centerpieces by strategically placing ultra-narrow LED strip lights. Their precision lighting elevates the aesthetics of your pieces, making them stand out in an enchanting display.

In commercial spaces, ultra-narrow LED strip lights are invaluable for highlighting products and creating captivating retail displays. Their compact size and focused illumination draw attention to merchandise, enhancing the shopping experience.

Guide visitors with precision by incorporating ultra-narrow LED strip lights into signage and wayfinding systems. Their compact design ensures clarity without overwhelming the surroundings.

Single Color Ultra Narrow LED Strips

SMD1808, 108leds/m, 24V, 5W/m, 2mm LED Strip

SMD1808, 240leds/m, 24V, 8W/m, 3mm LED Strip

SMD1808, 240leds/m, 24V, 10W/m, 4mm LED Strip

SMD2216, 240leds/m, 24V, 10W/m, 5mm LED Strip

SMD2835, 120leds/m, 24V, 19.2W/m, 5mm / 6mm LED Strip

SMD3014, 120leds/m, 24V, 12W/m, 5mm width LED Strip

COB, 480chips/m, 24V, 5W/m, 4mm LED Strip

Specification Download

Specification NameDownload
2110 SMD-108leds-2mm specification 
2110 SMD -240leds-3mm specification 
COB-480chips-LED-Strip-4mm PRO version specification 
2216 SMD-240leds-5mm-Ultra Narrow specification 
2835 SMD-120leds-5mm-Ultra Narrow specification 
3014 SMD-120leds-5mm-Ultra Narrow specification 

Tunable White Ultra Narrow LED Strips

SMD1808, 240leds/m, 24V, 10W/m, 5mm LED Strip

Specification Download

2110smd-240leds-5mm-tunable-white specification 

Narrow RGB LED Strips

SMD2835, 120leds/m, 24V, 10W/m, 5mm LED Strip

Specification Download

2835smd-120leds-5mm RGB specification 

Product Testing

Controlling the quality of LED strips is crucial to ensure their performance, longevity, and safety. Proper quality control measures help to maintain consistent standards and deliver reliable products to customers.


Our utmost priority is consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience to all who collaborate with us. Alongside our outstanding customer service, we take great pride in guaranteeing the overseas market certification: UL, TUV-CE, RoHs, LVD/EMC, Reach, EN62471 and more.

Why You Should Choose Us?

When you choose to Ultra-Narrow Led Strips in bulk from us, you’re not just getting a product; you’re gaining a reliable partner dedicated to providing you with top-notch quality, competitive pricing, and unparalleled support.

My Like Led的产品经过各种质量测试,为用户提供高端产品。这里有几个原因,为什么你应该从我们这里得到单色led灯带。

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Every single color LED strip that leaves our production line undergoes stringent quality control measures.

Extensive Range of Options

We offer a comprehensive range of single color LED strips with various lengths, brightness levels, and color temperatures. You'll have the flexibility to select the perfect fit for each application.

Competitive Bulk Pricing

By partnering with us for wholesale purchases, you gain access to competitive bulk pricing. Our streamlined manufacturing processes and efficient supply chain management enable us to offer you cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Expertise and Technical Support

Whether you need assistance in selecting the right product or guidance on installation, our technical support team is always ready to help.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of timely deliveries in your business operations. With our efficient logistics network, we ensure that your bulk orders are delivered promptly and reliably, keeping your projects on track.

Global Market

Products are exported to over 60 countries and regions worldwide. Dominates the European market and cooperates with many major well-known brands.


“Narrow” refers to the compact width of these LED strip lights, which allows them to fit into tight spaces and provide focused illumination.

Many narrow LED strip lights are compatible with dimming systems, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit your preference or the mood of the space.

Yes, narrow LED strip lights are available in various color temperatures, ranging from cool to warm tones. Some models also offer color-changing capabilities for added customization.

Measure the length of the area you intend to illuminate and select a narrow LED strip light that matches or can be easily cut to fit that length. Most LED strip lights can be trimmed at designated cut points for a customized fit.

Absolutely, narrow LED strip lights are popular for DIY enthusiasts. Their simple installation process and versatile design make them a great choice for creating custom lighting solutions.

Many narrow LED strip lights come with remote controls or can be integrated with smart home systems. This allows you to adjust brightness, color, and even set schedules using your smartphone or voice commands.

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