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Zigzag Led Strip Light(Bendable-S size)

  • Flexible in Every Direction: Both horizontally and vertically
  • Color Options for Every Mood: Single color, tunable white, RGB, RGBW available
  • Uniform Lighting Quality: 3-Step MacAdam
  • Optimal Heat Dissipation: 2 oz. Copper
  • Easy Installation: 3M or Screws
  • Customizable Length: Tailor Length
  • Plug and Play
  • Environmentally Friendly

S Shape (Zig-Zag) Bendable LED Strip Supplier & Manufacturer

We take pride in offering diverse cutting-edge lighting solutions, including our best-in-class S Shape Bendable LED Strip Lights. These innovative lighting marvels are designed to redefine your signage and advertisement applications with their unique features.

Features that Set Our S Shape Bendable LED Strip Lights Apart:

  1. Flexible and Permanent: Our S Shape Bendable LED Strip Lights are thinner, more flexible, and offer a permanent lighting solution. Their ability to bend and twist in zigzag patterns allows for unprecedented versatility in your lighting designs.

  2. Easy Installation: We’ve made mounting a breeze. Our LED strip lights come equipped with pre-coated 3M tape, ensuring quick and hassle-free attachment to any corner, surface, or signboard.

  3. Precision Illumination: Achieve precise lighting effects with our S Shape Bendable LED Strips. Whether you want to accentuate architectural elements or create captivating signage, the flexibility of these strips allows for intricate and customized lighting designs.

What is Zigzag Shape Bendable LED Strip?

A Zigzag Shape Bendable LED Strip, often referred to as a zigzag or flexible LED strip, is a type of LED lighting solution characterized by its unique design that allows it to bend and flex in a zigzag pattern. Unlike traditional rigid LED strips, which are linear and inflexible, zigzag shape bendable LED strips are engineered to conform to curved and irregular surfaces, making them highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of creative lighting applications.

Wholesale S Shape (Zig-Zag) Bendable LED Strips By Series

We offer a wide variety of best s shape bendable LED strip lights to present a thinner, more flexible, and permanent lighting solution to sign and advertisement applications. The zigzag led tape lights can be easily mounted to any corner using the pre-coated 3M tape.

  • Color Options: Single Color Zigzag Shape LED Strip, Tunable White Zigzag Shape LED Strip, RGB Zigzag Shape LED Strip, RGBW Zigzag Shape LED Strip.
  • Leds/M Options: 60Leds/m, 72Leds/m, 84Leds/m, 90Leds/m, 120Leds/m, 144Leds/m.
  • PCB Width: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.
  • PCB Options: White.
  • Installation: 3M, Screws.

Single Color S Shape (Zig-Zag) LED Strip

Specification NameDownload
2835smd-60leds-6mm-Zigzag Specification 
2835smd-72leds-6mm-Zigzag Specification 
2835smd-96leds-6mm-Zigzag Specification 
2835smd-120leds-8mm-Zigzag Specification 

Tunable White S Shape (Zig-Zag) LED Strip

2835smd-96leds-6mm-Tunable White Zigzag Specification 

RGB S Shape (Zig-Zag) LED Strip

5050smd-42leds-12mm-RGB Zigzag Specification 

RGBW S Shape (Zig-Zag) LED Strip

5050smd-48leds-12mm-RGBW Zigzag Specification 

Product Testing

Controlling the quality of LED strips is crucial to ensure their performance, longevity, and safety. Proper quality control measures help to maintain consistent standards and deliver reliable products to customers.


We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience when working with us. In addition to our excellent customer service, we want our customers to be confident that their single color led tape lights are safe and of the highest quality. To ensure the best performance, all our single color led tape lights have passed CE, RoHS certificates.

Why You Should Choose Us?

When you choose to wholesale Zigzag LED strips in bulk from us, you’re not just getting a product; you’re gaining a reliable partner dedicated to providing you with top-notch quality, competitive pricing, and unparalleled support.

My Like Led的产品经过各种质量测试,为用户提供高端产品。这里有几个原因,为什么你应该从我们这里得到单色led灯带。

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Every single color LED strip that leaves our production line undergoes stringent quality control measures.

Extensive Range of Options

We offer a comprehensive range of single color LED strips with various lengths, brightness levels, and color temperatures. You'll have the flexibility to select the perfect fit for each application.

Competitive Bulk Pricing

By partnering with us for wholesale purchases, you gain access to competitive bulk pricing. Our streamlined manufacturing processes and efficient supply chain management enable us to offer you cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Expertise and Technical Support

Whether you need assistance in selecting the right product or guidance on installation, our technical support team is always ready to help.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of timely deliveries in your business operations. With our efficient logistics network, we ensure that your bulk orders are delivered promptly and reliably, keeping your projects on track.

Global Market

Products are exported to over 60 countries and regions worldwide. Dominates the European market and cooperates with many major well-known brands.


Bendable LED Strips are designed to be flexible. You can gently bend them to follow curves, corners, or any desired shape. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe bending.

Yes, most Bendable LED Strips are designed with designated cut points, typically marked along the strip. This allows you to customize the length to fit your specific project requirements.

Bendable LED Strips allow for a wide range of lighting effects, including contouring curved surfaces, creating dynamic signage, accentuating architectural features, and providing decorative illumination.

Yes, Bendable LED Strips are available in various color temperatures, including warm white, cool white, and RGB color-changing options, allowing you to achieve different lighting moods and effects.

Many Bendable LED Strips are compatible with dimming systems, allowing you to adjust brightness levels and create different lighting atmospheres. Check the product specifications for dimming compatibility.

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