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New ERP Regulation LED Strip

Introduction of New Directive of  New ErP Regulations?

Main Differences between New and Old Directives: 

  • Added household appliances, furniture and other products with lights in Scope
  • The calculation of energy efficiency is changed from EEI to Ponmax, which added the factor of Ra and improves the requirement of energy efficiency
  • Added flicker test: SVM, Pst LM
  • Added the power consumption requirements of network standby
  • Added minimum energy efficiency for separate control gear at full-load
  • Switching cycle, starting time and warm-up time test are deleted
  • Only 10 pcs of light source and 3 pcs of Separate control gears needed
  • 3600h durability test, which 3000 hours lighted on, the test time is reduced, but the requirement of luminous maintenance is improved

Key aspects of the ErP regulations include:

  1. Product Scope: The ErP regulations cover a wide range of energy-related products, including household appliances, heating and cooling equipment, lighting products, and more.

  2. Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS): The regulations set minimum energy efficiency standards that products must meet in order to be sold in the EU market. Products failing to meet these standards are restricted from being placed on the market.

  3. Energy Labels: Many products covered by the ErP regulations are required to display energy labels that provide consumers with information about the product’s energy efficiency, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

  4. Eco-design Requirements: The regulations also include eco-design requirements, which address various aspects of a product’s design that can impact its energy consumption, such as standby power usage and energy-efficient features.

  5. Implementation: The ErP regulations are enforced by national authorities within EU member states. Manufacturers and distributors must ensure their products comply with the applicable regulations before placing them on the market.

  6. Ecodesign Directive: The ErP regulations are closely linked to the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), which provides the legal framework for establishing ecodesign requirements for energy-related products.

Define light sources and control gears

The SLR defines the different light sources and control gears covered under the regulation. Under the new regulation, light sources are classified as anything that emits white light, including LED lamps and LED modules. Luminaires are also identified as containing products for light sources. 

What are control gears? They are enhancements that stabilise the current and control the lighting output of a light. They also reduce any lighting flickers and promote stable energy consumption. 

Introduces stricter efficacy thresholds

The SLR introduces stricter minimum efficacy thresholds on all light sources and separate control gears. This is to encourage further improvement in energy efficiency throughout the lighting industry.  

Encourage a circular economy

A circular economy is the opposite of a linear economy, in which natural resources are taken, transformed into products, and disposed of. 

The new lighting regulation aims to encourage a circular economy model, which will bring the lighting industry closer than ever before to a process which eliminates waste by investing more in materials, products and systems. 

With this in mind, new lighting products should be designed to be more reliable. They should be upgradeable or repairable, which will encourage less waste. Finally, their design will contain more recyclable material and will be easier to dismantle, which will ultimately help to reduce landfill waste. 

Energy Labels are found on all electrical energy-using products, including televisions, dishwashers, and light sources. Their purpose is to communicate energy efficiency, which allows users to save money on their household energy bills and make choices to help reduce CO2 emissions.

The new Energy Label Regulation redefines the labelling requirements for all lighting products, including labels for lighting packaging and any website or sales literature. 

When Will The New ErP Regulation Be Implemented?

Ecodesign Requirements

1. Energy Efficiency Requirements

2. Functional requirements

Please click here for more detail information.

Energy Labelling Requirements

Please click here for more detail information.

Energy Efficiency Classes And Calculation Method

How can you understand your light’s energy level? First of all, you have to understand the below concepts:
1. Non-directional mains light source (NDLS, MLS)
2. Non-directional non-mains light source (NDLS, NMLS)
3. Directional mains light source (DLS, MLS)
4. Directional non-mains light source (DLS, NMLS)

👉What are MLS and NMLS? To make it simple, MLS means directly goes for 230V electricity, and NMLS needs a transformer to transform to 230V.
👉What are NDLS and DLS? (DLS) means a light source having at least 80 % of total luminous flux within a solid angle of π sr(corresponding to a cone with an angle of 120%); otherwise, it’s NDLS.

So, how can we define the DC voltage led strip correct efficiency class level?
No doubt this is NMLS, cos it needs a transformer.
And it’s NDLS because the total luminous flux within a solid angle of π cannot reach 80% luminous flux.
Now you can see it’s NDLS and NMLS, and it’s in the 2nd line. Factor Ftm shall be 0.926.

E.g., if your light output luminous flux is 100lm/W, you need to put an additional coefficient that’s 0.926, 100*0.926=92.6lm/w.

EPREL: What Lighting Businesses Need To Know

Effective Date for New Energy LabelsNew energy labels cannot be used or publicized before September 1, 2021.
Registration in EPREL DatabaseAll applicable products must be registered in the EPREL database if intended for the EU marketplace.
New Energy Rating LabelAll applicable products must have a new energy rating label suitable for both EU and UK markets.
Compliance with Efficiency RegulationsEnergy Related Products (ERP) must comply with their respective efficiency regulations (SLR for lighting).
SLR ComplianceStarting from September 1, 2021, only SLR compliant lighting products can be placed on the market.
Completeness of EPREL DataProduct data in EPREL database must be complete for the item to be published and considered saleable.
Non-Compliance and Market SurveillanceProducts with incomplete EPREL registrations will be deemed non-compliant by market surveillance.

LED Strips Compliant With New ErP Regulations

Erp B-Level 210~220LM/W

Erp C-Level 160~170LM/W

Erp E-Level 120~130LM/W

Specification (New Erp Single White CRI80)

Specification NameDownload
4.8W 24V SMD2835 80leds 10mm Ra80 IP20 Class 135~150LM/W D/E ErP LED Strip Specification 
4.5W 24V SMD2835 90leds 10mm Ra80 IP20 Class 165~180LM/W C/D ErP LED Strip Specification 
9.6W 24V SMD2835 160leds 10mm Ra80 IP20 Class 165~180LM/W D/E ErP LED Strip Specification 
9W 24V SMD2835 180leds 10mm Ra80 IP20 Class 165~180LM/W C/D ErP LED Strip Specification 
14.4W 24V SMD2835 160leds 10mm Ra80 IP20 Class 135~150LM/W D/E ErP LED Strip Specification 
19.2W 24V SMD2835 192leds 10mm Ra80 IP20 Class 135~150LM/W D/E ErP LED Strip Specification 

Specification (New Erp SMD2835 Single White CRI90)

Specification NameDownload
4.8W 24V SMD2835 80leds 10mm Ra90 IP20 Class 100~115LM/W ErP F LED Strip Specification 
4.5W 24V SMD2835 90leds 10mm Ra90 IP20 Class 160~170LM/W ErP D LED Strip Specification 
9.6W 24V SMD2835 160leds 10mm Ra90 IP20 Class 100~115LM/W ErP F LED Strip Specification 
9W 24V SMD2835 180leds 10mm Ra90 IP20&65 Class 160~170LM/W ErP D LED strip Specification 
14.4W 24V SMD2835 160leds 10mm Ra90 IP20 Class 105~115LM/W ErP F LED Strip Specification 
19.2W 24V SMD2835 192leds 10mm Ra90 IP20&65 Class 105~115LM/W ErP F LED strip Specification 

Specification (Erp SMD2835 Tunable White CRI90)


Specification NameDownload
Tunable White SMD2835 128leds 24V 9.6W 10mm IP20 105~120LM/W Class F ErP LED strip Specification 
Tunable White SMD2835 160leds 24V 14.4W 10mm IP20 100~115LM/W Class F ErP LED strip Specification 
Tunable White SMD2835 256leds 24V 19.2W 12mm IP20 100~115LM/W Class F ErP LED strip Specification 

Product Testing

Controlling the quality of LED strips is crucial to ensure their performance, longevity, and safety. Proper quality control measures help to maintain consistent standards and deliver reliable products to customers.


Our utmost priority is consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience to all who collaborate with us. Alongside our outstanding customer service, we take great pride in guaranteeing the overseas market certification: UL, TUV-CE, RoHs, LVD/EMC, Reach, EN62471 and more.

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