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Decoding LED Product HS Codes: A Simple Guide


Being familiar with HS codes is vital when dealing with the trading of LED products. These codes are a key tool for categorizing and documenting goods for customs purposes. This article will delve into the subject of HS codes, especially those related to LED products, to assist you in navigating international trade more proficiently.

What Exactly do we mean by HS Codes?

The Harmonized System (HS)

Harmonized Systems or HS codes are universally recognized ways of classifying goods traded internationally. This system, designed by the World Customs Organization (WCO), simplifies and optimizes global customs processes. Today, almost 200 countries and economies use the HS as the foundation for their classification systems.

Why are HS Codes Important?

HS codes hold significant importance for a variety of reasons:

  • They guarantee that goods traded are classified accurately.
  • They provide countries with a way to collect and scrutinize trade data.
  • They facilitate trade negotiations and the execution of preferential trade agreements.
  • They aid customs authorities in deciding import duties and taxes.

HS Codes for LED Items

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

LEDs are semiconductive mechanisms that radiate light when an electric current flows through them. Given its energy efficiency and long service life, LED technology has risen in popularity across many light and display uses, including lighting for residences and businesses, vehicle lighting, and digital signage.

HS Codes for Items Related to LED

With the progression of LED technology, the range of LED-associated products has broadened. Special HS (Harmonized System) codes have been established for various LED products to streamline international trade and customs procedures. The following sections delve into the HS codes designated for diverse types of LED commodities.

LED Lighting Products HS Codes

LED Lamps

LED light bulbs and tubes are frequently employed in domestic and commercial illumination. They offer superior energy conservation, increased lifespan, and diminished environmental impact compared to conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. The main HS code for LED illumination is 8539.50.

LED Illumination Fixtures

LED illumination fixtures are designed to house or incorporate LED bulbs. This category encompasses a range of fixtures such as downlights, spotlights, and panel lights. The HS code 9405.40 pertains to LED illumination fixtures.

LED Modules

LED modules are small, pre-assembled parts with one or more LED chips mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB). These units can be integrated into many lighting applications, from sign lighting and architectural lighting to industrial lighting. The HS code for LED modules is 8541.40.

LED Strips and LED Neon Lights

LED strips, or LED tape or LED ribbon lighting , is a flexible line of small LEDs arranged on a slender, adaptable circuit board. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for accent, under-cabinet, and decorative lighting, with the added convenience of being customizable to fit various spaces. The Harmonized System (HS) code designated to LED strips is 9405.40.

On the other hand, LED neon lights serve as an energy-saving substitute for traditional neon lighting. These lights consist of flexible silicone tubes filled with LEDs, designed to mimic the aesthetic of traditional neon tubes while offering superior durability, lower energy consumption, and ease of installation. Being classified under the same category as other LED lighting items, their HS code is also 9405.40.

HS Codes for LED Display Items

LED Display Panels

LED display panels, commonly known as LED screens or LED video walls, are employed for various indoor and outdoor display needs, such as promotions, events, and sports venues. These panels, composed of several LED modules, create a seamless and wide-ranging display. Their designated HS code is 8528.59.

Accessories for LED Displays

For optimal performance and correct installation, LED display panels necessitate various accessories, including control systems, power sources, and mounting structures. Depending on their specific properties and functions, these accessories have multiple HS codes.

HS Codes for LED Parts

LED Light Emitters

LED light emitters, or LED chips, are the heart of an LED, generating light. They come in diverse sizes, colors, and intensities. The HS code for LED chips is 8541.40.

LED Drivers

LED drivers, or LED power regulators, are electrical units that control the electrical supply to a single or a group of LEDs. They ensure optimal functioning, protect the LEDs from potential damage, and help maintain consistent light output. The HS code for LED drivers is 8504.40.

LED Channels

LED channels, also known as LED profiles or extrusions, are aluminum casings designed to house LED strips. They provide a neat and professional look and aid in heat management. The HS code for LED profiles is 7604.29.

LED Connectors

LED connectors, are essential in establishing reliable connections among various LED elements, such as LED strips, modules, and power units. These connectors, available in diverse types and arrangements like strip-to-strip, strip-to-wire, and waterproof connectors, ensure compatibility with various LED systems and installations. The HS code for LED connections falls under the broader category of electrical connectors with the code 8536.90. However, the specific HS code for LED connectors can vary based on their type and characteristics.

LED Wires

LED wires,or LED conduction cables, are required to transmit electrical power and signals among LED components, including LED chips, LED drivers, and LED control systems. Available in a range of gauges, materials, and insulation types, these wires cater to indoor, outdoor, and high-temperature LED applications. The general HS code for LED wires is 8544.42, classified as insulated electrical cables. However, the exact HS code may differ based on the wire’s features, such as its material, insulation type, and voltage rating. Correct classification and documentation of LED wires with the appropriate HS code are vital for customs and trade purposes.

HS Code Compilation for LED Products and Parts

Product CategoryDescriptionHS Code
LED Lighting Products  
 LED Lamps
 LED Light Fixtures94051100.00
 LED Modules85395100.00
 LED Strips94054290.00
 LED Neon Lights94054290.00
LED Display Products  
 LED Display Panels84239000.00
 LED Display AccessoriesVaries
LED Components  
 LED Chips85414100.00
 LED Drivers85044014.00
 LED Profiles94059900.00
 LED Connectors85444919.00
 LED Wires85444211.00

Deciphering the HS Code Layout

Dissecting the HS Code

Every set of two numbers in an HS code indicates a specific level of product categorization.

The opening pair of digits signifies the chapter, a general categorization encompassing a variety of products.

The next pair of digits denotes the heading within the chapter, grouping items more detailedly.

The concluding pair of numbers stand for the subcategory, offering additional, more precise details about the product.

Identifying the Appropriate HS Code

Refer to the official HS nomenclature or employ an online HS code lookup tool to determine the correct HS code for an LED device. In addition, contact your local customs officials or a customs broker to ensure the correct classification.

Why Accurate Are HS Codes for LED Products Essential?

Selecting the correct HS code is significant for several reasons:

  • It helps prevent potential delays or penalties during customs clearance.
  • It ensures the accurate imposition of import duties and taxes.
  • It facilitates the accurate collection and assessment of trade statistics.

Staying Informed about Changes to HS Codes

HS codes may occasionally change to keep pace with fluctuations in global trade. To keep abreast of these changes, consider subscribing to the World Customs Organization (WCO) updates or tracking the news from your local customs authority. Additionally, working closely with a customs broker can help confirm adherence to the latest HS code rules.


It is crucial for businesses dealing in the international trade of LED products to be knowledgeable about HS codes for these items. Familiarizing oneself with the HS codes of different LED commodities, their arrangement, and the importance of correct classification can facilitate smoother customs procedures and enhance trade operations’ effectiveness. Staying updated on changes to HS codes is necessary to ensure ongoing compliance and successful trading.

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