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Ultimate Guide to Fountain Lights

Mastering the Art of Illumination: Your Ultimate Guide to Fountain Lights

The presence of a fountain in your landscape is indeed splendid, yet when illuminated adequately, it turns simply breathtaking. It presents onlookers with an enthralling and unforgettable encounter, making the location stand out. However, it demands careful consideration and strategic planning to highlight a fountain within a landscape setting effectively. This piece will provide comprehensive insights into everything you need to understand about fountain lights and the best implementation approaches. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Bright and colorful fountain at night street

Understanding Fountain Lights

In basic terms, fountain lights light up water fountains within landscapes, enhancing their beauty. Fountains usually serve as the primary focus of a landscape. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide sufficient lighting to animate the area. Most fountain lights are underwater, but some designs can also be used externally.

Because these lights operate in a watery environment, they must fulfill certain specifications for optimal operation. They must be waterproof, resilient, and able to endure varying temperatures. Installing light fixtures that lack these attributes could cause a multitude of issues.

Considerations for Fountain Lights Design

Designing fountain lights involves considering several factors:

Fountain Dimensions and Form

The size and shape of the fountain will influence the number and positioning of lights needed for the desired illumination effect.

Power Supply

The available power source at the fountain location will guide the choice and size of lights that can be utilized.

Types of Light

There are three primary options for lighting your fountain: incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LEDs. While the first two are cheap, they’re not the best choices for fountain lights due to their high power consumption and relatively short lifespan. Despite their higher initial cost, LEDs are more resilient, cost-effective, and energy-efficient, leading to substantial energy savings. LEDs also offer flexibility in design.

Environmental Conditions

Factors such as wind, water spray, and humidity levels will affect the lifespan and performance of the light fixtures.

Light Control System

As fountain lights enhance landscape aesthetics, you may want to modify them periodically to maintain freshness. Both traditional (incandescent and halogen) and modern (LED) lights have control systems. However, LEDs provide more control options, such as color, temperature, and frequency adjustment, easily controlled via a smartphone or remote.

Fountain Lights Color

Adding colors to fountain lights enhances their aesthetic appeal and artistic quality. LED technology provides a range of color temperatures to influence visitor moods. Examples include white lights for a clean look, blue for a calming effect and focus, and orange for a bold, energetic display.

Maintenance Needs

Consider the maintenance needs of the lighting fixtures for long-term performance and reliability.


The budget for the project will affect the choice of lighting fixtures, as well as the required number and positioning of lights for the desired lighting effect.

Fountain Lights2

Categories of Fountain Lights

The necessity for fountain lights to be submergible reduces the available fixture options. However, advances in technology have led to a reasonable range of choices. The well-liked choices encompass:


These cast a focused beam of light to draw attention to the fountain. You can transform the water feature into an artful display by deploying multiple small spotlights around the fountain.

Pool Lights

Designed to stay underwater for extended periods, these lights are usually installed in swimming pools but can also be fitted on the fountain walls and floor.

Recessed Lights

These lights are mounted within the surface, leaving only the front part visible while the remainder is concealed. Recessed lights can be utilized on fountain walls for lighting.

IP68 LED Neon Lights


Guidelines for Effectively Lighting Fountains

With the basic principles of fountain lighting under your belt, let’s delve into the methods to implement this lighting appropriately.

Meticulous Planning

In illuminating fountains, an in-depth plan is critical, as it requires an understanding of the individual features of light. For instance, various hues of light can evoke different emotions. Therefore, you can choose the right color once you’re clear about the ambiance you wish to cultivate around your fountain. For instance, establishing a tranquil environment with orange lights might not work well.

Choosing the Desired Effects

Assuming you’re utilizing LEDs as your fountain lights, you’re offered three options previously discussed. Each type of fixture engenders a unique effect. For example, spotlights generate an intense, focused beam of light, whereas pool lights produce a softer glow. Your choice of effect should be contingent on the desired aesthetic of your fountain.

Selecting the Ideal Color

Color holds a substantial influence over a location’s ambiance. You should choose a color that aligns with the mood you intend to foster around your fountain. For example, orange lights could be an intriguing choice if your landscape often serves as a party venue. However, blue or white lights may be more fitting if your landscape is primarily a tranquil retreat.

While smart LEDs allow for color flexibility, they do come with a higher price tag, making them inaccessible for some.

Positioning of Lights

The final step requires a clear understanding of the fountain’s dimensions to position the lights appropriately. It’s crucial to choose fixtures that complement the size and shape of the fountain. Subtle lighting enhances the fountain’s aesthetic appeal, while overly conspicuous lighting may be jarring. Moreover, wiring must be carefully managed to remain inconspicuous and safe for those frequenting the area around the fountain.

Installation and Maintenance of Fountain Lights

Installing and maintaining fountain lights don’t differ significantly from handling landscape lights. Underground wiring is preferable, and occasional checks on fixture components ensure smooth operation. However, there are specific considerations when installing fountain lights, such as:


The water’s depth dictates the suitable type of fixtures for your fountain. Deep water diffuses the light beam and reduces its impact. Hence, using underwater lights for a fountain with a depth exceeding 4 feet is impractical. Instead, consider fixtures designed for use around the fountain’s walls. For shallow waters, underwater lights are ideal.


Water clarity also affects fixture choice and subsequent maintenance. The water should be clear for the desired effects if underwater lights are used. If the fountain tends to accumulate debris, it’s advisable to use side-mounted lights.


In setting up fountain lights, ensure the light beam doesn’t overpower the water’s flow. Simply put, the light shouldn’t cut through the water.

Fountain Lights3

Lighting Fountains in Public Spaces

Lighting public fountains can draw more visitors, such as the fountain spectacle at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. While recreating this scale might not be feasible, it provides a glimpse of the potential benefits. Lighting fountains in public areas can enhance property value and attract more visitors, which is particularly advantageous for commercial spaces.

Lighting Fountains for Personal Use

Similarly, lighting fountains in private spaces can increase property value and leave lasting impressions on visitors. It serves as a unique backdrop for parties and a peaceful nighttime retreat after a busy day.

Fountain Lights4

In Conclusion

Fountain power to transform a landscape, infusing it with vitality dramatically. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these lights contribute to property value and security. To reap these benefits, it’s crucial to consider various factors, hopefully, clarified in this article.

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