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Selecting the Perfect Lighting for Your Barber Shop

A barbershop is more than just a place for haircuts. It’s a sanctuary where you can unwind, indulge in massages, spa treatments, and skincare. The significance of lighting in such an environment cannot be overlooked.

When selecting the ideal lighting fixtures for your barber shop, dividing the space into distinct sections is essential. Each area should be tailored to specific activities and tasks, dictating the lighting choices. For instance, cool white light is perfect for the haircutting team, while warm and cosy lighting sets the ideal ambience for the massage and spa area. Factors like bulb CRI ratings, shop height, and light quality should also be considered.

As an expert in lighting design, I have collaborated with numerous clients seeking to enhance their barber shops with impeccable lighting. This blog will guide you through selecting the perfect lighting for your establishment. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and create an extraordinary lighting experience for your barber shop.

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Enhancing the Barber Shop Experience: The Significance of Lighting

Improper lighting can severely impede the quality of haircutting and shaving services. Picture this scenario: elegant hanging light fixtures cast direct shadows on your customers’ faces. Such lighting arrangements can pose significant challenges when providing grooming services. Shadows and inadequate lighting conditions inevitably lead to uneven trimming, leaving customers dissatisfied. However, you can achieve accurate visualization and offer your clients exceptional hair grooming services with proper lighting.

Moreover, appropriate lighting can significantly enhance the overall atmosphere of your barbershop. Warm and inviting lighting creates a comfortable ambience, encouraging customers to indulge in massages, facials, and spa treatments at your salon. This, in turn, boosts customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of repeat visits. Additionally, well-designed lighting can create a polished and welcoming environment, attracting new clients to your establishment.

Furthermore, the impact of good lighting extends to the perception of space within the barbershop. Bright illumination can make hair colours appear more accurate, making the room seem more expansive. Smaller barbershops can benefit from proper lighting as it lends an air of sophistication and spaciousness. Additionally, optimal lighting highlights actual hair shades, enabling clients to make informed choices about their hair care.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Lighting for a Barber Shop

Selecting the proper lighting for a barber shop is crucial in creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for customers. Here are several vital factors to take into account when choosing lighting options for your establishment:

A. Determining Your Lighting Needs

Each zone within a barber shop has unique lighting requirements. It’s important to understand that the lighting needs of the shaving area differ from those of the spa area. Gentle lighting is more desirable for services like massages and other relaxation treatments. Introducing bright lighting in this section can hinder clients from experiencing their utmost comfort. That’s why it’s crucial to identify the specific lighting requirements for each task and select the appropriate brightness level accordingly. Below are some recommendations you can consider implementing in your shop.

Recommended Brightness Level (lux)Area
100-200Waiting area
200-400Reception area
300-500Shampooing stations
500-1000Haircutting stations

B. Achieving Optimal Light Layering

To achieve uniform lighting throughout your shop, it is crucial to implement proper light layering. Keep the following points in mind to ensure the desired outcome:

  1. Balancing Illumination: Aim for a well-balanced light distribution across the entire shop space. Avoid concentrated or dimly lit areas by strategically placing light sources.
  2. Multiple Light Sources: Utilize multiple light sources strategically positioned throughout the shop. This approach helps eliminate shadows and ensures consistent illumination from different angles.
  3. Varied Lighting Fixtures: Incorporate a variety of lighting fixtures, such as overhead lights, task lights, and accent lights, to create layers of light. This technique adds depth and visual interest to your shop while enhancing brightness.
  4. Zoning Considerations: Divide your shop into different zones based on specific activities or areas. Tailor the lighting in each zone accordingly, considering factors like customer interaction areas, product displays, and workstations. This zoning approach allows for personalized lighting solutions in different shop sections.
  5. Dimming and Control Systems: Install dimmers and lighting control systems to adjust light intensity. This flexibility allows you to adapt the lighting to different activities, moods, or times of day, enhancing the functionality and ambience of your shop.

By implementing these considerations, you can achieve proper light layering, resulting in even and aesthetically pleasing illumination throughout your shop.

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C. Select the Appropriate Lighting Type

Choosing the appropriate lighting is crucial for creating the desired ambience and setting the mood in any space. When selecting the ideal type of lighting, there are several factors to consider. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind:

A. Color temperature: The colour and brightness of the light fixture play a significant role in determining suitable lighting. Light can have warm or cool colour temperatures, each suitable for specific areas within a barbershop. For instance, a cool colour temperature of approximately 4000K is ideal for skin treatments and can be used in the haircutting, shaving, and colouring area. On the other hand, warm white lighting (3000K) or extra warm white lighting (2000K-2700K) is best suited for spaces that require a cosy ambience, such as the massage and facial section.

B. CRI ratings: Inappropriate lighting can affect the perception of hair colour. Choosing light fixtures with higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) ratings is recommended to ensure accurate colour representation. The CRI rating refers to the colour accuracy provided by the lighting. Installing fixtures with CRI ratings above 90 in your shop can enhance the quality of your hair colouring services. Selecting the best option available to you and prioritizing fixtures with higher CRI ratings is advisable.

D. Quality Assurance

When selecting a light fixture, assessing its quality before making a final decision is crucial. Determining the quality of light can be achieved by considering specific criteria. Here are some guidelines to help you evaluate the quality of the product:

  1. Verify certifications and safety ratings: Familiarize yourself with essential certifications when choosing light fixtures for your barbershop. These certifications and safety ratings serve as indicators of light quality: A. Energy Star certification: This certification provides information about the energy efficiency of the light fixture, allowing you to save on electricity costs in your barber shop. B. UL and ETL certifications ensure that the product meets safety requirements. C. Consider safety ratings such as Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. D. If recessed lighting is what you require, check for IC ratings. Having IC-rated lighting is essential if your shop is insulated.
  2. Assess the warranty and return policy: The warranty offered for a light fixture is a direct or indirect indication of its quality. Therefore, selecting a light fixture with an extensive warranty policy would be wise. For instance, MyLiKeLED’s LED strips have a warranty policy ranging from 3 to 5 years. This allows you to contact us if you encounter any issues with the fixture during this period. Such opportunities demonstrate the premium quality and reliability of our brand.
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E. Consider the Price

You can find various types of light fixtures and brands in the market. It is essential to conduct thorough research to determine the average cost associated with the entire lighting installation process. Here are two crucial factors to consider when assessing the cost of installing lights:

  1. Calculate the overall installation cost: Begin by establishing a budget, and then calculate the total expenses involved in the installation. This should include the cost of LED lights and any additional materials required for the installation. Additionally, if wiring and installation assistance from an electrician is needed, incorporate their charges.
  2. Compare prices from various suppliers: Take the time to search for reputable LED light manufacturers, checking online reviews and ratings. User reviews can also be valuable in helping you select the appropriate light fixture. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to check local shops’ pricing to understand the general price range.

For convenient and high-quality LED strips to illuminate your barbershop, we invite you to visit our website at MYLIKELED/. We offer an extensive selection of LED strips with a wide range of options for customization. Feel free to request a free sample to test our products before deciding.

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F. Installation and Placement of LED Lighting Fixtures

Let’s go through installing and positioning LED lighting fixtures in your barber shop.

  1. Choose the perfect location for your light fixtures: It’s essential to select the ideal location before installing the LED lighting fixtures. Start by assessing the layout of your barbershop and determining which areas, such as mirrors, workstations, and the reception desk, require additional lighting. Once you’ve identified the specific lighting needs, choose LED fixtures that best suit those requirements.
  2. Ensure a secure and safe installation of the fixtures: Safety should be the top priority when installing LED lighting in your barbershop. Follow these steps to maintain a secure installation:
    • Verify that the fixtures are compatible with your store’s electrical system.
    • Seek advice from a licensed electrician on correctly and securely installing the fixtures.
    • Double-check the wiring connections to ensure correct installation and inspect for any exposed cables that could pose a safety risk.
    • If you plan to install recessed lights, consider IC ratings. Non-IC-rated bulbs can be hazardous for insulated shops, potentially leading to unexpected fire outbreaks.
  3. Test and adjust the lighting system: After installing the LED lighting fixtures, it’s crucial to test the system to ensure it functions properly. Follow these steps for testing:
    • Look for flickering or fading illumination, indicating wiring issues or faulty fixtures.
    • If you encounter such problems, contact an electrician immediately. Additionally, adjust the direction and angle of the fixtures to achieve even lighting throughout the barbershop.
    • Consider incorporating dimmer switches into the lighting system if brightness is a concern. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the brightness based on the time of day or activities in the barbershop.
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6 Barber Shop Illumination Inspiration: LED Strip Lights

Enhance the ambience of your barber shop with LED strip lights, perfect for general and accent lighting. Discover six top ideas that will transform your shop into a sleek and modern space:

Mirrors Accentuated with LED Strip Lights

Elevate the visual appeal of your barber shop by incorporating LED strip lights behind your mirrors. This placement creates a stunning backlighting effect that adds drama to the atmosphere. Consider arranging the strips in a pattern above or along the edges of the mirrors to enhance visibility further. This technique highlights other vital features, such as your shop’s shelves or display cases. With ample lighting, your clients can easily see their haircuts and themselves throughout the styling process.

barber shop

Shelves and Display Cases with Backlighting

A barber shop requires multiple shelves to organize their products, such as hair gel and facial masks. However, locating a specific item among many products can become challenging. To alleviate this issue, arranging the shelves with appropriate lighting can significantly facilitate finding products. The ideal choice for illuminating shelves and display cases is LED strips. By placing them behind the stands and along the edges of the cases, you can enhance your shop’s visual appeal while enabling customers to easily spot the branded and luxurious products you utilize for your services.

Shelves and Display Cases with Backlighting

Glowing Barber Poles

Utilizing RGB LED strip lights is a fantastic choice for an eye-catching effect on barber shop poles. To get started, wrap the LED strip lights evenly around the pole and secure them firmly with zip ties or adhesive tape. Once connected to a power source, your setup is complete!

Position the illuminated barber pole prominently within your shop, whether near the front entrance or the reception area. This addition will undoubtedly bring a visually beautiful touch to the space. To further enhance its impact, consider customizing the illuminated barber pole to align with your shop’s colour scheme or branding. Such a distinctive and memorable feature will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Lighting for Barber Shop Glowing Barber Poles

Neon Flex Signage

Enhance the appeal of your barber shop with captivating neon signs, adding a touch of charm and uniqueness. These versatile signs can be installed indoors and outdoors, allowing you to showcase your creativity. Consider incorporating LED neon flex to design your shop logo, creating a visually striking display that will entice customers to seek your services. Additionally, you can utilize these eye-catching signs in the reception area or waiting room, further enhancing the overall ambience of your shop.

Neon Flex Signage 2

Illuminate Your Cutting and Styling Stations with Task Lighting

To enhance the ambience of your barber shop, consider installing cove lighting using LED strips on the ceiling. Additionally, strategically place task lighting in specific areas. For example, wrap LED strips around the mirrors to provide focused lighting for haircuts and shaving. You can also incorporate these strips in the reception area for taking orders and other purposes.

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Accentuating Artwork or Decorative Pieces

LED strips are an excellent choice for creating accent lighting that adds a touch of elegance. They are a fantastic tool to highlight the unique decorations in your shop, whether it’s a captivating artwork or a decorative piece. For instance, imagine using LED strips to outline different hairstyle catalogues or showcase hair colour patterns. This brilliant display will enable customers to browse various hairstyles and easily make swift decisions. By providing this convenient and visually appealing experience, your shop will surely attract customers who will choose your services without hesitation.


After our previous discussion, you now clearly understand how to choose the perfect light fixture for your barber shop. Let me summarize the critical points for you. Firstly, assess the size of your shop to determine the number of fixtures needed. Next, identify any dimly lit areas or spots that require task lighting. Additionally, consider the services offered when deciding on the desired brightness and colour temperature. By following these steps, you can successfully select the ideal light fixture.

While various lighting options are available, LED strips stand out for their popular soft and indirect lighting effect. That’s why MyLiKeLED is here to offer you high-quality LED strip lights. Our wide range of options includes features like adjustable colour temperature. Please look at our selection to find the best deal for your needs!


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